Another sad event

We barely had time to mourn the passing of Roy Layton when another dear member of our association passes away. Jory Prum, a long time friend and member of the board of directors, passed on April 22, 2016 from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident back on the 26th of March.

He will be missed.

Our heart is broken…

It’s a sad time for the Jory Family and Friends Association. I just found out that “Roy” Marvin LeRoy Layton, a long time patron of the association and member of the board of directors since 2012, passed away on New Years Day. Our Board of Directors is broken. We need Roy and others like him, to keep the association alive.
Please bless us Roy, from your place on high, to rally our love for each other and carry on….

Recent activity at the family cemetery

Some trees had fallen on the cemetery property. John and Cindy Allen cut them up and hauled the wood up the Parnes’ for firewood. Now we’re planning to chip the many leftover branches. The executive board has allocated funds to rent a truck and a chipper. Some labor is needed and anyone who can help is encouraged to contact Cindy.

Geneaology page(s)

Well, I’m 6 months behind my goal for getting this started AND it isn’t exactly what I envisioned BUT it’s a start and we can work with it.
Next, I’ll build and link pages for every descendent and their children. I also want to include charts and graphs. We’ll see how it goes.

The Passing of Florence Jory Baer

The following is the obituary for Florence Jory Baer:

Baer, Florence Jory 96 Dec. 07, 1915 April 24, 2012 Born in Salem to the Jory family in 1915, Florence married Clarence Baer in 1941. She accompanied Clarence to San Diego upon his enlistment in the Marines. They returned to Salem following the war, eventually moving to Portland and then Tigard in 1961. With their love for travel, they toured the country in an RV upon retirement, returning to Salem in 1992. She is survived by son, Mike; granddaughter, Lizzie; and great-grandson, Sebastian; as well as beloved brother and sister-in-law, Wilbur and Loyal Jory. Graveside ceremony at Willamette National Cemetery Thursday, May 3, 2012 at 2 p.m. Celebration of her life at the Sundial Center, Friday May 4, 2012 at 1 p.m., 2410 Lancaster Dr., SE Salem 97317. Contributions may be made to Marion-Polk Food Share. Arrangements by Virgil T. Golden Funeral Service.

GoodSeach and GoodShop

Jory Family and Friends 501 (c)(13) Historic Cemetery Association Inc. is listed as a charity on the GoodSearch web site! GoodSearch raises money for the Association whenever you use GoodSearch to surf the web.  GoodShop is a subset of GoodSearch and can be used to buy merchandise from over 1500 firms such as Target, Walmart and many more.  For example, I purchased a patio set from Walmart using GoodShop and realized over $8.00 for our Association.  If Association members use GoodSearch, our Association will realize a penny each time a search is made and more money if GoodShop is used to purchase goods from the Internet. You can use GoodSearch by following this link directly to the Jory Family and Friends page (a link is also located on the sidebar of this site), or by loading the GoodSearch tool bar on to your computer as your new way to search the web. You can find more information about the tool bar and GoodShop from the link above. When asked what charity you support, simply put in Jory or jory, and any money generated will accrue to the Association’s account. Thank you for supporting the Jory Family and Friends Association!

Picnic 2012

We are planning a ten year reunion and picnic during the summer of 2012.  We encourage all Association members and friends to attend this gala event.  More news will be published as details are developed.

Steven Jory

Family member Gene Herin in Goldendale, Washington is working on an issue concerning a family member, Stephen Jory, who built a carousel at Cleveland, Washington in the early 1900s. Apparently, those who now own the carousel are hesitant to give Stephen proper credit for his role in building the carousel.

Cemetery Clean Up

Additional clean-up work was accomplished at the cemetery on the weekends of September 15th and 22nd 2007. A brush trimmer was used to cut brush further back from the monuments and The existing brush pile was hauled to the dump. A brush trimmer was again used to cut the grass and to mow the brush back away from the monuments in November, 2008.

Bronze Plaque

The bronze plaque arrived from New York on Thursday, September 20th, 2008. It was opened and checked for accuracy and condition. It was found to be accurate and in good physical condition. It will be installed as soon as the monument rock is in place in the cemetery.

Update on the Monument Plaque

The Oregon Army National Guard Engineer unit from Salem moved the boulder from Walling Sand and Gravel in Salem out to the cemetery. This was not an east task due to the rough terrain in the cemetery. The Bronze plaque was mounted on the boulder by Jack Jory with the assistance of other family members including Cindy Allen, John Allen, Nancy Eichstadt and John Eichstadt along with Beverlee (Jory) Koutny. A dedication ceremony was held after installation of the plaque on the boulder.

Reunion and Picnic 2008

The 2008 Reunion and Picnic was held on August 5th in Joryville Park. Attendance was less that in 2007 but those who attended had a good time. There were hardly no bees in 2008 in marked contrast to 2007. Cindy Allen set out a mystery walk that was enjoyed by all.

Reunion and Picnic 2007

The 2007 picnic and reunion was held on Saturday, August 4th at Joryville Park beginning at noon. The event was a success although many family and friends could not attend due to other commitments. The band was excellent and played nearly continuously all afternoon. Funds generated will be used to restore and maintain the cemetery.

Dues and Memorial Monument Funds

Thanks to those who have paid their dues and made a contribution to the monument fund. Please send in your annual dues of $10 and funds for the memorial monument if you have not already done so. Dues are the source of funds needed to continue restoration of the cemetery and to do needed maintenance. Donations for the planned monument listing the names of the people who are known to have been buried in the Jory Pioneer Cemetery are being solicited to help cover the cost of the bronze plaque and its installation. Please support these important functions by sending your annual dues and monument donations to the Treasurer, Cindy Allen, at 4517 Kurth St. Salem, OR 97302. As a 501 (c) (13) non profit Historical Cemetery Association, some funds donated are tax deductible. Please contact Bev Koutny at 503-982-4531 or Cindy Allen at 503-364-6957 for more information.


Work was done on August 1st, 2007, to chip the stumps in and around the headstones in the cemetery and the grass/weeds were mowed. Larry Parnes, Board Member and closest neighbor to the cemetery, sprayed the grass and weeds in the cemetery in 2006/2007 and he removed logs and brush during this time period as well. Work to weed, cut grass and generally clean the cemetery grounds was performed by family members and friends on several occasions in 2004, 2005, 2006,2007 and 2008

Goat Suggestion

2008: Gene Herin suggested that we place a few goats in the cemetery to help with vegetation control. Jack Jory contacted a goat ranch near Oregon City about this matter and spoke with the owners of the ranch at the Puyallup Fair in August, 2008 about goats about their care and feeding but has not been able to figure out how to proceed. Gene Herin delivered a watering trough for the goats and Larry & Julie Parnes have volunteered to supply water for the goats. Work to pursue this suggestion further will continue in 2009 as time permits.


Board member Cindy Allen worked diligently to compile definitive information on the people buried in Jory Pioneer Cemetery to ensure the accuracy of the information to be placed on the bronze plaque. She is commended for this monumental task that was completed on July 15th, 2006

Reunion and Picnic 2006

The 2006 reunion and picnic were held on Aug 5th and both were a huge success. The weather was wonderful, the food & drink were plentiful and everyone had a good time. There were several exchanges of genealogy information among attendees to include pictures, scrap books and verbal remembrances. Several attendees visited the Jory Pioneer Cemetery during the day. Doug Deglow and his wife Carol worked in the cemetery the day before the event clearing brush and weeds with their heavy equipment. The brush pile that has been an eye sore for several years was disposed of along with the large stumps that were piled along side the road for several years. All in all, the cemetery now looks much better.

Jory Pioneer Cemetery

August 14th, 2004 – A passenger gate was installed on this date between the adjacent Parnes’ property and the cemetery. This gate makes it much easier to access the cemetery by foot. To reach this gate, drive out South on Commercial Street to Liberty Road or off I-5 to Koubler Ave to Liberty Road, then turn right onto Cole Road, drive up Cole Road to Sarah Lane on the right. Keep to the right down Sarah Lane and park in front of the large garage at the Parnes’ residence. Walk up the slight incline towards the trees to reach the gate. Turn left after passing through the gate and walk down the road to the area of the headstones.

Ecological Students

A group of ecology students from Oregon State College worked at the cemetery on August 20th, 2004, to remove brush on this date and they accomplished a great deal of clean-up work. This group was directed by Don Hoynake, Oregon State University Extention Agent. These young people removed a significant amount of brush and weeds. Planned future work at the cemetery includes additional clearing of trees and brush, removal of a large pile of brush and stumps, continued repair of headstones and repair/installation of the cemetery signs.

Tree Removal

Representatives of Greer Brothers Landscaping in Salem cut down the two Black Locust trees that were leaning dangerously close over some of the headstones on September 5th, 2004. We wish to thank Greer Brothers for their generosity in having the trees cut down. The removal of these two trees marked a mile stone in the continuing project to restore and maintain the historic Jory Pioneer Cemetery. Marilee Bell, a member of the Jory Family and Friends Board, coordinated with Greer Brothers to have the trees removed.

Friends of the Joryville Park

A special thanks to the Friends of Joryville Park for their wonderful work over the past two years or more to improve and maintain the Park. This group, under the leadership of Tom Oliver Sr. and Tom Oliver Jr., has made a significant difference in the appearance of the Park. The Park is now much improved and well maintained as a result of their work. The Olivers live near the park on Skyline Drive and can be contacted at regarding on-going work in the Park.

The work accomplished by the Friends of Joryville Park is being done in coordination with the Marion County Parks Department under the Adopt-A-Park Program. Some materials are provided under this program for use in improving and maintaining the Park. Members of The Friends of Joryville Park also helped with the work on the Jory Pioneer Cemetery on April 27th, 2004. The park belongs to Marion County and is not a part of the Jory Pioneer Cemetery. However, both Joryville Park and the Jory Pioneer Cemetery were originated by the Jory family. Well done Tom Sr. and to Tom Jr. and the volunteers! The park is located Off Jory Hill Road on Elmhurst Avenue. To reach the park, drive out South on Commercial Street to Liberty Road, drive out Liberty Road, turn right on Jory Hill Road, then left on Elmhurst Avenue. The park is at the end of the avenue.

Helen Howard

A special thanks also to Helen Howard for her work as A charter member of the Friends of the Joryville Park volunteer group and for her many hours of work in and for the park. Helen was instrumental in having road directional signs installed on the roads leading to the park. She has also worked very hard in removing grafitti from park tables and in doing other clean-up work. After cleaning the tables, she has skilfully applied new coats of paint to the tables to make them presentable again. Unfortunately, this has been a recurring job for her.

Stephanie Flora

A special thanks to Stephanie Flora for her superb work in documenting the history of the Jory Pioneer Cemetery and for permission to establish a link to her document about the cemetery.

Orville Rice

A special thanks also to Orville Rice, Marion County Parks Department Manager (recently retired) for his leadership of the Adopt-A-Park Program. He has worked closely with Tom Oliver Jr. and the Joryville Park volunteers in accomplishing needed work at the park.

Passing of Gene Herin

It is with deep regret that we announce the passing of Gene Herin

on January 13, 2009 in Goldendale. Washington. Gene and his wife, Darlene, attended the 2008 picnic and reunion in Joryville Park in August and Gene looked and felt better than he had for some tine. Gene suggested that we use goats to help keep the foliage down in the cemetery and he brought a water tank for the goats should be ever begin using them to help with mowing the grass and weeds. Gene and his wife were stalwarts in the Jory Family and Friends Association and had been actively involved in the organization. Interesting article about Gene: