Elizabeth (Fenn) Jory (1822-1854)

Mary (Fenn) Jory did not make it on the trip to Oregon. She died of malaria right before they left. Her sister, Elizabeth, took care of the children on the way and after they arrived in Oregon, John Fenn and Elizabeth Jory got married. (Information courtesy of Betsy Ward)

(Part of this document is about Mary Jory since she and Elizabeth married the same man.)

Father: James Jory Sr.
Mother: Mary Stephens

1822 – Elizabeth is b. June 16 in St. Cleer Parish, Cornwall, England

1830 – April 3, left England on an old lumber ship named the Restitution with his family & took 8 weeks & 5 days to get to St. Johns, New Brunswick, Canada.

1830 – June 4, arrived in Canada & farmed in poor soil. Later they decided to move to St. John, New Brunswick where James Sr. used his skills as a mechanic.

1836 – Oct. 25 or 31, Sailed to NY on the Mary Elizabeth because they wanted to cut through the Erie Canal in search of fertile farming land in Northern Canada.

1836 – Nov. 7 left NY.  Changed their minds about Canada & instead headed for Missouri on a ship called the Franklin. Took 6 weeks & 5 days to get to New Orleans.

1836 – Nov. 28, traveled from New Orleans to St. Lewis MO. On a steam boat named the George Collier.

1836 – Dec. 11, they arrived at New Orleans just before Christmas.  Stayed there for the winter.

1837  – They were shocked that blacks were treated as slaves and decided to move across the river to Pittsfield, Pike County, Illinois in the fall of 1837 & buy a farm of 40 acres part prairie & part timber.

1839 – Sister of Elizabeth, Mary Ann Jory, married John Fenn on Nov. 19 near Pittsfield, Pike County, Illinois.  John is b. on Nov. 26, 1810 in He was an Englishman, the son of Thomas & Nancy Fenn, both born about 1790 in England.  He was born at Alyesworth, North Hamshire, England. In his youth he learned the trade of plasterer and brick mason.  In 1828 (age 16), with an older brother, William Fenn, he came over on a sailing vessel.  First he landed at Quebec, then Montreal, then Chippewa & finally Pike County, Illinois. In Canada he took up his trade of plasterer.  In Pike Co. both brothers were married. He was short, strongly built, with a face of ruddy tan, blue eyes, and blond hair.

1840 – The Jory family is living at Spring Creek Township, Pike County, Illinois.  The Budds and John Fenn newly married to Mary Jory lived nearby.

1840 – Nancy Jane  is b. May 17 in Pike Co., IL.

1840 – On 3 November 1840, John Fenn purchased 86.23 Acres in Pike county IL from the BLM for cash.  (S 1/2 of NW ¼ of Sec 19 Twp 7-S R 3-W. )

1840 – In the 1840 U. S. Census, Pike County, Illinois, John Fenn is listed with males 10-15=1, 20-30=3; females 15-20=1, 40-50=1, four persons in the household, two engaged in agriculture.  The listing was adjacent to James Jury (sic) and six             houses from Aaron Budd.

1842 – Elizabeth Ann is b. Aug 8 in IL.

1843 – James William is b. on Oct. 11 in Pike Co., IL

1845 – Thomas Henry is b. on March 28 in Pike Co., IL

1846 – brother, James Jr.,  married & bought the original farm of 40 acres at or before this time, while James Sr. moved to a farm at Mt. Sterling, Brown Co. about 40 miles away. The Jory’s were doing well financially, however James Jr. was afraid of Malaria which was prevalent in the county.  He talked his entire family to move to Oregon, except Henry.

1846 – On 2 January 1846 John and Mary Fenn sold to Joseph Richey of Pike County for $450 (1) the S ½ of the NW ¼ of Sec 19 and (2) the N ½ of the SE ¼ of Sec 17: all in Twp 7 South of the range 3 west, containing 66.23A.

1847 – March 1 (according to Kay Bolinger) Mary Ann Jory Fenn dies of malaria in Nov. in Pike Co., Illinois and was buried on the hillside near their home. Family lore recounts that Mary – on her deathbed – asked her sister Elizabeth to take care of her children and after sufficient time had passed to marry John Fenn and give the children a mother. She had just made a new linsey dresses for herself and her daughters to wear to Oregon.  Her daughter, Elizabeth, also remembers a tent made out of material stretched out in the yard of the old home in Illinois “where we children played.”

1847 – In spring they went west on the Oregon Trail.  Elizabeth Jory took her sister’s place as caretaker of her children. They were part of the Jory party crossing the plains, arriving in Oregon City in late 1847 over the old Barlow Road.

1847 – At Oregon City, he met Dr. John McLoughlin who advised him to go down the river to Clatsop Plains (near Astoria) and spend the winter as food was short in the valley.

1847 – Elizabeth Jory married John Fenn in October on the Clatsop plains in Clatsop Co., OR. (near Astoria) (a land record says Oregon City).

1848 – John S. is born on the Clatsop Plains, Clatsop Co., OR. (Near Astoria, OR)

1849 –  spring, the family moves to Salem, OR.

1849 – John Fenn heads south for the California gold fields with James, Thomas & William Jory. (see William Jory)

1850 – census records show John living in Linn Co., OR. Also living there are Elizabeth, NI  (11) The census says NI is born in England, but I think it is a mistake.  I think it is Nancy Jane., M. William (7), E (9), I.H. (5), & James S (2).

1850 – The family moves to Linn Co., OR on May 17 to a donation land claim about six miles north of Albany.

1851 – John declares his intent to become a citizen on Oct. 9.  He cannot read or write.

1852 – Joe is b. six miles N. of Albany in Linn, Co., OR.

1853 – Mary is b. on Aug. 18 six miles N. of Albany in Linn, Co., OR.

1854 – Elizabeth Jory Fenn took sick & died on Dec. 14 in Albany & is the first person buried in the Jory Cemetery near Rosedale.  “We all had a very hard time while she was sick.  Sister & I had to take care of her and cook the meals and do all the housework, father & the boys being all hard at work on the farm.  After my step-mother died, my oldest sister, Nancy Jane, then fourteen years old, and myself, kept house for the family until sister was married to William Angus MacPherson.”

1860 – On 17 September 1860, John Fenn was living in Linn County, OR, with the post office designated Albany.  In the household were James (age 16, born in Illinois); Thomas (14-IL), John (11, OR), and Joseph (10, OR.) (Where was Mary – s/b age 7 ?)

1870 – On 12 August 1870, John Fenn was living in Linn County OR, Syracuse Precinct, Albany PO.  His age was 60, a farmer, and born in England.  Also in the household was Joseph, 19, a farmer, OR; and Mary, 17, OR.  Living in the adjacent household was John S. Fenn, 22, farmer, OR; Adelia E., 18, keeping house, CA.; Willie W., 2/12, OR.; and Thomas H., 25, farmer, Illinois.

1880 – On 9 June 1880, John Fenn was living in Spokane County, Washington Territory in the household of his son John S. Fenn.  John S. was shown as age 32, occupation a stave maker (slave butten-?), born in OR, father born in England, mother born in WT (?).  Also in the household was Adelaide (sic), 29, wife, keeping house, born in CA, x, x; Willie, 10, son, OR, OR, CA; Letta, 7, daughter, OR, OR, CA; Emma, 5, daughter, OR, OR, CA; Arthur 2, son, OR, OR, CA; Eva, 7, niece, OR, Ors, CA; and John, 69, retired brick mason, Eng, Eng, Eng.

1883 – John Fenn died February 1883 at Waitsburg, Washington Territory. (Waitsburg is in southeastern Washington, between Dayton and Walla Walla. Washington became a Territory in 1853 and did not become a state until 1889.)

Dr. Whitman gave my father a large chest which was recovered from the Indians.  No one knew to whom it belonged, so Dr. Whitman gave it to my father to carry on to Oregon, hoping that the owner might be found there.  Father’s team was, however, giving out and he was compelled to leave the chest by the roadside in the mountains.  After we had reached Oregon, I remember we were all gathered around the old fireplace one night when auntie said “John, I have often wondered what was in the old chest you put by the roadside.  There might have been something in it which we could have used for the children.”  And father answered her, saying “No, Elizabeth, I never could have used anything that did not belong to me.”

Except for occasional visits to our grandparents who lived about twenty miles away, the rest of us children stayed at home until we grew up.  Times were very hard among the early pioneers of Oregon.  Some of us children spent a great deal of time with our grandparents, the Jory family.

As a young girl I remember meeting Dr. McLaughlin, with the Hudson Bay Co.  With the money which he brought back from the gold mines in CA, my father bought some horses and he was the only man in the neighborhood who had horses, most of the settlers having only cattle which they had driven across the plains.  Father used to loan his team to the neighbors to haul their wheat to the Hudsons Bay Co. in Oregon City.” (Elizabeth Nancy Coonc)


1. Nancy Jane Fenn is b. May 17, 1840 in Pike Co., IL. & d. Feb. 11, 1927 in Portland, OR. She married William Angus McPherson in Linn County on 7 October, 1855 in Linn Co., OR by Madison D. Byland. Agnus was b. Feb. 22, 1828 in Chatham Co., NC & d. Jan. 28, 1891 in Portland, OR.  His parents were William Picket McPherson & Margaret Wright McDonald. Both are buried at the Old Miller Cemetery near Scio, OR.  (Have an article on William Agnus McPherson.)

Angus first came to Oregon with a friend in 1950.  He loved the country, so he traveled back to Iowa to get his family.  He rode on horseback through California, then by ship through the Isthmus, arriving home in 1851.  Angus and other family members departed from Keokuk, Iowa, and arrived in Oregon in 1852.  Agnus settled on a piece of land east of Scio, OR.  He received his mail at a post office known as Santiam City.  John Fenn & his family, which included Nancy, lived six miles west of Santiam City.   Nancy was 15 when she married Angus.  Angus taught school in Scio.

William Angus McPherson was the editor of the ‘Albany Journal’ from 1864 to 1866.  He was anti-slavery and persuaded Oregonians to stay with the Union.  After being elected State Printer in 1866, he moved to Salem where he established the firm of W.A. McPherson & Co., Printers.  This firm bought out the leading newspaper of Salem, the ‘Statesman’ and changed its name to ‘American Unionist.’  In 1869, the McPherson family moved to McMinnville, where William began ‘The Blade’ newspaper, which he ran until 1871.  Returning to Linn County, he took up farming until 1873 when they moved to Roseburg, Douglas County, and William became the editor and proprietor of the ‘Roseburg Plaindealer.’  From Roseburg, they moved to Ashland and he worked with Oliver Applegate in editing the ‘Ashland Tidings.’  After Ashland, they went to Jacksonville where he ran the ‘Jacksonville Times’ and then on to Portland, where he worked on various newspapers including the ‘Oregonian’ and the ‘Vindicator.’

*William G McFerson b. 1856 & died young. Buried in Old Miller Cemetery in Scio.

*Cassius B McPherson b. 1860 & married Julia Morris.  Buried in Old Miller Cemetery in Scio.

*Ella M. McPherson b. 1863 & married John Marion

*Edward A. McPherson b. 1866 & married Carrie Belle Hart.

*Otho Leon McPherson b. 1869 & married Lavilla Otilla Bilger

+Anna Lavilla McPherson married Kenyon

<Robert (Bob) Kenyon married Nancy ca. 1956.  Living in Greenwood Village, CO in 2007.

*Kate Marie L. McPherson b. 1872 & married William Stone Weeks

*Donald Guy McPherson b. 1879 & married Nettie Frances Grimes

*Eva Pearl McPherson b. 1883 & married Ur Spalding Ackles

2. Elizabeth Ann (Nancy) Fenn was b. Aug. 8, 1842 in IL & d. April 1, 1924 in Spokane, Spokane, WA. Buried at Rosalia IOOF in Whitman, WA.   On Oct. 25, 1860 she was married to David Madison Coonc at Scio, Linn County, OR.  David was b. in 1832 in Keokuk, Iowa & d. June 22, 1900 in Rosalia.  In 1864 they moved  to The Dalles &  in 1864 they moved to White Bluffs on the Columbia River.  White Bluffs was then on the east side of the Columbia at the crossing of the Mullan Rd.

*Stella COONC b: Abt 1867 in The Dalles, Or. Married Atwood & lived in Los Angeles, CA.

*Lulu COONC b: 9 Oct 1869 in Willamette,Clackmas,Oregon. Married Snodgrass & lived in Los Angeles, CA.

*Ella COONC b: 1 Jul 1872 in White Bluff,Yakima,Wa married Harry Hall Bell. Harry was b. March 23, 1868 in Iowa.

+David Bell b. ca. 1893 in Spokane, WA

+Clayton Bell b. Oct. 1894 in WA.

+Bernadine Bell b. Nov. 24, 1895 in Spokane, WA.

+Park Fenn Bell b. Aug. 28, 1904 in Colville, Stevens, WA.

*Hattie COONC b: 18 May 1874 in White Bluff, Benton,Wa. & died Nov. 7, 1918 in Spring Valley, Spokane, WA of Spanish Influenza. She married Walter Raleigh Bell. Walter was b. Dec. 26, 1866.

+Cleo D. Bell b. April 14, 1894 in Latah, Whitman, WA & d. in Spokane, WA, buried in Rosalia, Whitman, WA. He married Hazel Munsel ca. July 1916 in Spring Valley, Spokane, WA. Hazel was b. Nov. 1, 1895 in Powhatten, Kansas. Her parents were Horace G. Munsel & Mary Almendinger.

+Glenn Harry Bell b. Oct. 23, 1900 in Bloomfield, Davis Iowa & died May 4, 1950 in Spokane, WA. He married Anna Johnson who died ca. 1995.

+Wayne Victor Bell b. Sept. 14, 1903 in Spring Valley, Spokane, WA & d. Sept. 18, 1971 in Spokane WA. He married Myrtle Alice Riley on Sept. 3, 1924 in Spokane, WA. Myrtle was b. Dec. 17, 1907 in Rosalia, Whitman, WA & d. Oct. 8, 1992 in Spokane, WA. Her parents were Richard Walter Riley and Ida Evelyn Miller.

<Gerald Walter Bell b. April 30, 1926 in Colville, Stevens, WA. and died July 13, 2011 in Salem, OR.

+Valda Bell b. Jan. 7, 1910 married to Cecil Hill. Second married Maxwell Nelson. Maxwell died ca. 1986 in Seattle, WA.

+Dale Bell b. Nov. 9, 1912 & died July 16, 1985 in Spokane, WA.

*Ora COONC b: 25 Sep 1877 in Waitsburg,Walla Walla,Wa married Will Duncan.

+Howard Duncan b. Aug. 1898.

*Flossie COONC married Albert E. Reid (Three of the Coonc girls eventually married the “three cowboys”–Harry Bell married Ella; Will Duncan married Ora; and Walter Bell married Hattie.)

3. James William Fenn was b. Oct. 11, 1843 in Pike Co., IL

4. Thomas Henry Fenn was b. March 28, 1845 in Pike Co., IL

http://worldconnect.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=:1412194&id=I69760544   Gerald Bell info on Rootsweb



5. John S . Fenn was b. in 1848 on the Clatsop plain at Clatsop Co., OR. Col. J.S. Fenn was of Spokane & north Yakima. Col. John S. Fenn represented Spokane County in the Washington Territory legislature for a time. Married to Adelaide who was b. ca. 1852 in CA.

*William W. Fenn b. ca. 1868 in OR.

*Elmer Fenn

*Lettie Fenn b. ca. 1873 in OR.

*Emma Fenn b. ca. 1875 in OR.

*Arthur Fenn b. ca. 1878 in OR.

*Roscoe Fenn

*May Fenn

6. Joseph Fenn was b. in 1852 in Albany, Linn, OR.  He lived in Spokane and Seattle. He married Eliza Turnidge.

*Ethel Fenn

*Eva Fenn b. ca. 1873 in OR?

*Loren Fenn Second he married Anna Blamped.

*Edna Fenn

*Inez Fenn

*Dora Fenn

*Robert Fenn

*Grace Fenn

7. Mary C. Fenn was b. Aug. 18, 1853 & d. Oct. 1, 1918.  She married Charles Wesley Adams on Feb. 1, 1871 & they were later residing near Lewiston, Idaho.

*Nellie Adams b. 1873

*Lester Adams b. 1875

*Effie Adams b. 1879

*Claude Adams b. 1881

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