GoodSeach and GoodShop

Jory Family and Friends 501 (c)(13) Historic Cemetery Association Inc. is listed as a charity on the GoodSearch web site! GoodSearch raises money for the Association whenever you use GoodSearch to surf the web.  GoodShop is a subset of GoodSearch and can be used to buy merchandise from over 1500 firms such as Target, Walmart and many more.  For example, I purchased a patio set from Walmart using GoodShop and realized over $8.00 for our Association.  If Association members use GoodSearch, our Association will realize a penny each time a search is made and more money if GoodShop is used to purchase goods from the Internet. You can use GoodSearch by following this link directly to the Jory Family and Friends page (a link is also located on the sidebar of this site), or by loading the GoodSearch tool bar on to your computer as your new way to search the web. You can find more information about the tool bar and GoodShop from the link above. When asked what charity you support, simply put in Jory or jory, and any money generated will accrue to the Association’s account. Thank you for supporting the Jory Family and Friends Association!