Henry C. Jory (1824-1886)

Father: James Jory Sr.
Mother: Mary Stephens

1824 – Henry is b. April 7 in England & b. June 7 in St. Cleer, Cornwall, England.

1830 – April 3, left England on an old lumber ship named the Restitution with his family & took 8 weeks & 5 days to get to St. Johns, New Brunswick, Canada.

1830 – June 4, arrived in Canada & farmed in poor soil. Later they decided to move to St. Brunswick where James Sr. used his skills as a mechanic.  The boys cut timber.

1836 – Oct. 25 or 31, Sailed to NY on the Mary Elizabeth because they wanted to cut through the Erie Canal in search of fertile farming land in Northern Canada.

1836 – Nov. 7 left NY.  Changed their minds about Canada & instead headed for Missouri on a ship called the Franklin. Took 6 weeks & 5 days to get to New Orleans.

1836 – Nov. 28, traveled from New Orleans to St. Lewis MO. On a steam boat named the George Collier.

1836 – Dec. 11, they arrived at New Orleans just before Christmas.  Worked on the farm of a leading citizen, Colonel John O’Fallon.

1837  – They were shocked that blacks were treated as slaves and decided to move across the river to Pittsfield, Pike County in the fall of 1837 Illinois & buy a farm of 40 acres part prairie & part timber.

1840 – The family is living at Spring Creek Township, Pike County, Illinois.  The Budds and John Fenn newly married to Mary Jory lived nearby.

1847 – brother, James Jory Jr., buys the family farm before this time, and James Jory Sr. with his family relocate to a farm in Mr. Sterling, Brown Co., Illinois.  James Jr. talks his whole family into coming to Oregon in the spring of 1847, but Henry stays behind.

1848 – a letter shows that Henry is in Naples, Scot Co., Illinois on Dec. 31. He must have traveled around because he mentions not being able to return to Virginia and possibly going to Pennsylvania or Texas. He was working for Joseph Alexander Van Pelt.  The ‘old man Van Pelt just died and he was not expecting to be paid wages owed as his widow is hard up for cash.  His obit says that he was a wagon maker by trade.

1850 – Census records show Henry Jory, a wagon maker, living in Cass Co., Illinois.

1850 – ca Henry married Martha Jane Van Pelt.  He was of Berlin, Sangamon, Illinois.

They had 12 children, 9 of whom survived to have families of their own.

Martha was b. Nov. 13 (or 12), 1829 in Troy, NY.  Her parents were Alexander Van Pelt & Elizabeth Marie Andres.  The Van Pelt’s were from upstate New York. (Dutch family as were many in that area)  Mary Van Pelt married Abner Sears in Troy, NY. They moved to Scott Co, IL.  Alexander Jr (Martha’s father) moved there later.  He is buried in the Sears family cemetery near Naples, Scott Co, IL.

1852 – Mary Sophia is b. on July 12 & died as a child of diphtheria.

1854 – Emma Louisa is born on May 11 in Illinois.

1856 – Sophie Ellen is b. on January 10 in Illinois.

1857 – Henrietta Alvina is b. on January 29 in Illinois.

1858 – James William is b. on March 18 near Springfield, Illinois.

1859 – Eliza Maria is b. Oct. 11 in Berlin Illinois.

1860 or 1861 – Ann Amelia  is born. (not sure if this child is right)

1860 – census records show Henry living in Subdivision, Berlin, Sangamon Co, Illinois. Also his wife, EL, SE, JW & EM are living there.  He is a wagon maker.

1861 – preparing to join their family in Oregon, but they were delayed for a year.

1862 – Malvina “Malle” J. was born on Feb. 4. in IL.

1862 – The family begins the trip to Oregon, but Henry gets sick with Mountain fever and they had to re-route to California.  They rerouted because Henry did not think he was going to survive & wanted to head for warmer weather by way of the Mormon Trail.  It was cold and late in the year. He decided not to settle in Oregon because he had asthma.

1863 – They arrived at Yuba County & settled in Marysville, CA.  He farms & operates a store at Marysville.

1864 – Stephen Alvah is born on Jan. 5 in Marysville, CA

1867 – Charles Franklin is b. on June 10 in California.

1868 – Joseph Jory is b. on January 14 in California & died in childhood.

1869 – George Washington is born on March 14 in California.

1870 – census records show Henry living at Brom’s Valley, Long Bur. Township, Yuba Co., CA.  He is a farmer.  Also living there are his wife, Emma, Sophie, Henrietta, James, Eliza, Malvina, Stephen, Sharles & George.

1871 – Annie May Jory is b. on November 3 & died in childhood.

1878 – Martha dies on Jan. 12 in Marysville, Yuba, CA of pneumonia & is buried there.  Her headstone monument reads “Died Jan 12, 1878″ Martha Jane, wife of Henry Jory, 48 years & 2 Mo.

1880 – Census shows Henry living at Marysville Township, Yuba, CA.  He is a farmer.  Also living there are Emma, Henrietta, James, Eliza, Mallie, Stephen, Charles Frank, & George.

1886 – Henry dies on June 25 at Marysville, CA of uremia & buried in Marysville City Cemetery.  He was a wagon-maker by trade, Henry ran a blacksmith shop, a fruit and confection store, and had a large ranch along the Feather River.  Taking fresh produce from the ranch down river by raft, he would sell it in San Francisco, making him one of the first ‘green-grocers.’ At one point, he also had a soap factory.  Henry and son James William each  invented and patented a swivel plow.


1. Mary Sophia Jory is b. July 12, 1852 in Berlin, Sangamon, Illinois & died as a child of diphtheria.

2. Emma Louisa Jory is b. May 11, 1854 in Berlin, Sangamon, Illinois & d. July 16, 1881.  She married Augustus Beldin.  Emma is buried in Merrill, OR.

*Henry Beldin b. 1882 & married Edith.

+Harold Beldin

+Lola Beldin

*Fredrick Beldin b. 1884

*Augustus Beldin b. 1886 & married Charles T. Wilson. Charles d. May 2, 1914.

+Charlene Augusta Wilson b. Dec. 22, 1911 & married Glenn Irwin                                         Putnam

*George Franklin Beldin b. 1888 & married Elinore

*Elmer Edward Beldin b. 1891 & drowned in 1908.

*James Herbert Beldin b. 1892

3. Sophie Ellen Jory is b. on January 10, 1856 in Berlin, Sangamon, Illinois & d. Jan. 24, 1874.  She married Thomas Arthur McClain.   Lived at Carlton, Montana in 1886.

*Henry Arthur McClain b. 1874

*Estella M. McClain b. 1878 & married Howard

+Emily Howard b. ca. 1903

+Marion Howard b. ca. 1915.

*Elmer Roy McClain b. 1881

*Margaret McClain b. 1882

*Thomas Jacob McClain b. 1887

*Clinton J. McClain b. May 22, 1889 Bitterroot, Missoula County, MT & d. Dec. 27, 1965 in Steilcoom, Pierce County, WA. Married Nellie May Inglis on Dec. 25, 1916 in Missoula, MT.  Nellie b. Jan. 1887 in Sherridan, Madison Co. MT.

+Sophie Ellen McClain b. Dec. 4, 1917 in Joyce, Clallum Co, WA. & d. Sept. 14, 1929 in Port Angeles, Grays Harbor, WA.

4. Henrietta Alvina Jory is b. January 29, 1857 in Old Berlin, Sangamon Co., Illinois near Springfield & d. Dec. 6, 1919 in Castor, Alberta, Canada & is buried there.  She is named after her father.  Henrietta married George Keck Sanders (or Edgar Sanders) on March 13, 1881 in Marysville CA.  They moved to The Dalles, OR. George d. July 23, 1884 in The Dalles, OR.  Henrietta then moved to Dot, WA & her brother, Steven Jory, moved there to take care of her & her two sons.

*Edgar Sanders b. Aug. 19, 1882 at The Dalles, OR & d. March 29, 1942 in WA. He married Mary E. Woodin on July 10, 1907.

*Georgia Alvina Sanders b. July 5, 1884 in The Dalles, OR & d. January 27, 1950 at Kelowna B.C. She married William Daniel Taylor on April 8, 1914 at Castor, Alberta, Canada.

+Hannah May Taylor b. Aug. 25,  1917 at Coronation, Alberta & d. July 25, 1985.  +George William Taylor b. March 30, 1919 at Coronation Alberta & d. Aug. 2, 1964 in Edmonton, Alberta.

+Mark Lester Taylor b. Sept. 12, 1920 at Coronation, Alberta & d. March 16, 1921 at Coronation, Alberta.

+Delbert Taylor b. Oct. 1924 & d. Oct. 1924 at Coronation, Alberta.

Second Henrietta married Melton Junius Embree on July 22, 1885 in Dot, WA. Melton b. March 25, 1847 at Sedalia, Pettis Co. MO & d. Feb. 11, 1913 in Castor, Alberta, Canada & is buried there..  His parents were Thomas & Phoebe Elvira Butler Embree. Melton was a blacksmith. He moved from MO to Bickleton, WA in 1872. After the marriage Henrietta moved into the homestead at Bickleton with her new husband & his mother. Melton had a lot of Indian friends who lived near him. The family moved to the Castor, Alberta area after 1905.

(1. In 1863Melton went to Oregon by way of New Orleans and Panama and worked in OR for his uncles Calvin and Allen in Douglas county.
2. He returned to Bates co., MO in 1868 via the Oregon Trail and in 1869 he married; his new wife died in childbirth and his infant daughter only lived for four months.
3. In 1875 he brought his mother and sister to Oregon but they soon moved to Alder Creek pct. in Klickitat county, Washington Territory. 4. In 1906 he moved his family to Castor, Alberta where land was available for homesteading and he became a naturalized
Canadian citizen on 12 Aug 1909.)

*Henry Junius Embree b. Sept. 12, 1886 at Bickleton, WA & d. May 22, 1915 in WWI in Festubert, Belgium. Not married.

*Thomas Benton Embree b. Feb. 9, 1888 at Bickleton WA & d. Nov. 14, 1970 at Castor, Alberta, Canada. He married Matilda Belle Haire on Feb. 19, 1912 at Calgary, Alberta.  Matilda b. June 5, 1891 at Pilot Mound & d. Dec. 30, 1983. Manitoba, daughter of James & Sarah Retitia (Gordon) Haire of County Arnahg, Ire.

+Gordon Roy Embree b. Feb. 4, 1913 at Castor, Alberta & d. April 5, 1932 at Castor, Alberta of heart disease.

+Marvin James Embree b. July 13, 1914 at Castor, Alberta & married Mary Eleanor Harris on July 8, 1943 at Forestburg, Alta. Both are buried at the Castor Cemetery. Double wedding ceremony.

+Cecil Alva Embree b. Dec. 25, 1915 at Castor, Alberta & d. July 22, 1943 at Edmonton, Alberta of a bone disease. Single.

*John Jory Embree b. Sept. 27, 1890 at Bickleton, WA & d. June 17, 1973 at Summerland, B.C.  He married Alice Gertrude Miller on March 16, 1920 at Summerland B.C. Alice was b. Oct. 17, 1901 in Truro, Colchester, Nova Scotia, Canada.  Her parents were Mr. & Mrs. F.S. Miller of Summerland, B.C.

+Reverend Bernard Lloyd Melton Embree b. March 25, 1923 at Summerland, B.C.  & died Dec. 18, 1997.  He married Elsie Jane Wharren on June 27, 1947 in Assiniboia, SK, Canada.  She  was b. Dec. 31, 1917 in Baraca, Alberta, Canada & died June 27, 2007. Second he married Ruth Evelyn Hornbaker on July 28, 1979 at Knox College, Toronto.

*Charles Franklin Embree b . June 15, 1892 at Bickleton, WA & d. July 28, 1935 at Coronation, Alberta, Canada.  He married Clara Marie Ellergodt on March 16, 1920 at Castor, Alberta. Clara was b. Aug. 7, 1899 at Pilot Mound, Minnesota & d. May 14, 1978 at Coronation, Alberta.

*Mark Lee Embree b. Oct. 12, 1893 at Bickleton, WA & d. Jan. 5, 1960 at Summerland, B.C. He married Louisa May Manning on April 20, 1936 at Penticton, B.C.  Louisa b. Aug. 15, 1908 at Dot, Nicola Valley, B.C.

*Herbert Roy Embree b. July 2, 1895 at Bickleton, WA & d. May 18, 1979 at Hanna, Alberta, Canada.  He married Jeanne Duplat on Feb. 27, 1929 at Calgary, Alberta.  Jeanne was b. Dec. 27, 1905 at Monmarte, Saskatchewan & d. Nov. 8, 1985 at Calgary, Alberta.

5. James William Jory is b. on March 18, 1858 in Berlin, Sangamon, Illinois, near Springfield, Illinois. He was a little lad of 12 when he came with his parents on their journey to the far west.  He lived in the vicinity of Marysville, CA until he came to Oregon in the spring of 1886.  In the fall of the following year he located permanently in Klamath County. He married Mary/Sarah O’Brien.

James William, son of Henry and Martha Jane Jory, was a successful farmer and stockman of Klamath County, Oregon.  He homesteaded a quarter section of land in Klamath County in 1886.  In 1912 his land holdings amounted to 920 acres.  He was the second man to bring a herd of cattle to Klamath County.  In 1908 and 1912 he was awarded U.S. Government contracts for irrigation work, and in 1911 and 1912 he worked on the Lost River diversion channel.  He also hauled the first load of freight that went to the Electric Light & Power Company of Klamath Falls, Oregon.  And he served almost continually as school clerk for district 25 from 1888 to 1902. He also invented & patented a swivel plow.  He died in 1930.

6. Eliza Maria Jory is b. Oct. 11, 1859 in Berlin, Sangamon, Illinois & d. May 12, 1914 in Klamath Falls, Klamath, OR, buried at Linkville Cemetery, Klamath Falls, OR.  She m. Richard Wainright Quimby Jan 1, 1885 in Marysville, Yuba CA.  Richard was b. Jan. 23, 1856 in Gridley, Butte, CA & d. May 4, 1901 in Gridley Butte, CA. Richard’s parents were Christopher Spry Quimby  b. in DE & Sara Brown b. in IL.

*Walter Wainright Quimby b. Feb. 9, 1884 in Gridley, CA & d. April 12, 1948. Married Margaret ca. 1910.

*Ronald Charles Quimby b. Oct. 28, 1888 in Gridley, CA & d. Dec. 31, 1890.

*male b. May 23, 1890 in Gridley, Butte, CA & d. May 23, 1890.

*female b. May 23, 1890 in Gridley, Butte, CA & d. May 23, 1890.

*Linny Raye Quimby  (F) b. May 23, 1890 in Gridley, Butte, CA & d. March                      14, 1891.

*James Richard Quimby b. Jan. 13, 1892 in Gridley, Butte, CA & d. June 22, 1962. curly reddish hair. Lived in Lakeview. Liked to mine for gold. He married Amanda Deitz in1946.

*Bernice Quimby b. Sept. 23, 1893 in Klamath Falls, OR & d. Nov. 9,1950 in Applegate, Jackson, OR.  She married Martin Vesper Pernoll on April 20, 1912 in Klamath Falls, OR. Martin b. 1879 & died in 1951. Both buried in the Missouri Flat Cemetery, Applegate, Jackson County, Oregon.

+Gordon Gene Pernoll died young

+Alice Bernice Pernoll married Vernon Kendall. Vernon died ca. 1944. Alice d. in 1946.

Zelda Kendall married several times.  Last husband Sharp. She died  ca. 1978.

+Shirley Pernoll died before 2000.

*Henry Jory Quimby (Harry) b. July 19, 1896 in Gridley, Butte, CA & d. April 13, 1975 in Klamath Falls, OR.  Married Blanche Gourley Feb. 6, 1921 in Klamath Falls, Klamath, OR.  Divorced. Blanche was b. Nov. 11, 1904 in Nephi, Juab, UT & died March 26, 1985 in Beaverton, Washington, OR. Her second husband was Birdwell.

+Hazel Maxine Quimby b. Feb 19, 1928 at Klamath Falls, Klamath, OR & & d. Oct.  8, 2000 in Spokane, WA.  She is buried at Willamette National Cemetery with George. Layton was the father of her first child. She then married Robert Douglas Walker on Feb. 24, 1946 in Prescott, Arizona.  Divorced. Robert b. May 15, 1915. Second she married George Merle Webber on Nov. 7, 1956 in Reno, Nevada. George was b. July 5, 1922 in Medford, Josephine, & Dec. 9, 1986 in Portland, Multnomah, OR.

<Stannard Douglas Walker b. Dec. 24, 1946 in Klamath Falls, Klamath, OR & died Aug. 24, 1973 in Klamath Falls.

<Robert David Walker b. Oct. 18, 1948 in Klamath Falls, OR & d. Dec. 22, in 1998 in Salem, Marion, OR.

<Patsy JoAnn Walker was b. March 16, 1953 in Crescent City, Del Norte, CA & d. Feb. 16, 2010  in Klamath Falls, OR of natural causes.

+Harry Dwayne Quimby b. March 4, 1934 in Klamath Falls, Klamath, OR & died March 4, 2005 in Roscoe, Nolan, TX.  Henry and Blanche (his parents) were divorced when he was quite young. Lived in Klamath Falls most of his life. He moved to TX & is buried there. He was born with a hair lip & cleft palate and spent the first 12 years of his life in and out of Dornbecker hospital in Portland, OR.

+Norma Florence Quimby b. Aug. 6, 1923 in Klamath Falls, Klamath, OR & d. Jan. 25, 2005 in Forest Grove, OR & is buried in Klamath Falls, OR.  She married Arbee Edward Roberts on Nov. 9, 1943.  Second she married Johnny Yantis. Yantis buried with Norma.

<Dale Richard Roberts b. Aug. 6, 1943 in Klamath Falls, Klamath, OR & d. July 15, 2001 in Salem, Marion, OR. Married to Laura. Divorced. (only child). Buried at Willamette National Cemetery in Portland.

*Thomas Gordon Quimby b. June 5, 1898 in Gridley CA. Died Nov. 3, 1945 in Klamath Falls, Oregon. Buried in the Linkville Cemetery in Klamath Falls, OR. Owned the Red Ball Stage in Klamath Falls.  He was a Klu Klux Klan member. Married Stella Mae Simmonds on July 28, 1920 in Klamath Falls, OR. Stella was b. Aug. 4, 1903 in Redding, CA & d. 1965 in Klamath Falls, OR. Divorced.

7.  Ann Amelia Jory was b. in 1860 in Berlin, Sangamon, IL. (Not sure if this child is right).

8. Malvina Josephine Jory (Mallie) was b. Feb. 4, 1862 in Berlin, Sangamon, IL & d. May 21, 1932 in Arroyo Grande, San Luis, CA.  She married David Franklin Gilstrap on August 17, 1886 in Dot, WA.  David was b. Oct. 20, 1852 in Springfield, San Gamon, Illinois. He died June 30, 1923 in Arroya Grande, San Luis, CA. In 1927 they lived in CA.

*James Henry GILSTRAP b: 6 Jul 1888 in Washington married Reamy of Marysville CA on July 26, 1918 & had to report for military service on August 7, 1918.

*Elmore Jackson GILSTRAP b: Jun 1889 in Washington & d. August 20, 1972 in Turner, OR.  He married Mary Edna Orr on Aug. 27, 1913.  Mary b. April 29, 1893 & d. April 29, 1981.

*Marion Gilstrap was married to Ida Primmer in April 1913.  They had a baby daughter Eugenie Marion born March 12, and 9 days later on March 21, 1914 Marion Gilstrap died of Typhoid Fever.

*Josiah GILSTRAP b: Oct 1891 in Washington

*David Franklin GILSTRAP b. 1892

*Eugene M. GILSTRAP b: Oct 1892 in Washington

*Eric Hubert GILSTRAP b: 7 Jan 1895 in Oregon m. Carolyn. Eric living at a Convalescent Hospital in CA in Jan. 1983.

*Wade R. Gilstrap b. June 1897 in Wallowa, OR.

*George L. GILSTRAP b: Jul 1899 in Oregon

8. Stephen Alvah Jory was b.  Jan. 5, 1864 in Marysville, Yuba, CA & d. Aug. 16, 1914 at Outlook, Yakima Co., WA because he had asbestos in his lungs, buried at Sunnyside, WA.  At age twenty he moved to Klickitat Co. on Sept. 12, 1884 and worked for his sister, Henrietta, in Dot, WA. Henrietta had become a widow & Stephen came to help her out.  Then he purchased one hundred and sixty acres of railroad land, and a timber culture claim comprising one hundred and sixty acres from A. Beldin.   He farmed some, built wagons, and had a blacksmith shop in Dot & later in Cleveland WA & Outlook, WA. “His farm is in a high state of cultivation and is well stocked with all accessories that contribute successful farming.  At his trade he is said to be an unusually good workman and deserving of the lucrative patronage he now enjoys.”

He married at Dot, Klickitat Co., Washington to Barbara Elizabeth Walker on Feb. 14, 1892.  She was b. March 26, 1875 in St. Louis, MO & d. Nov. 21, 1971 in Marysville, Yuba, CA. Her parents were Wilburn Allen and Susan Helena (Barrett) Walker of MO. (Susan Helena Barrett was b. Sept. 18, 1856 in Maddison Co., MO and d. Dec. 3, 1892.  Buried in Dot at Cleveland Cemetery in Brikelton, WA. ) Barbara later married George Jory, Stephen’s brother.  I think George divorced his first wife.

Steven also brought a Carousel of wooden horses to the “pioneer picnic” at Cleveland, WA every year.  At present it is going into a museum in Cleveland, WA.  It is called the Herschell-Spillman Carousel and was built between 1899 & 1901.  Steven ran for public office, and his name is engraved in the wall at the Olympia Capitol Building.

*Oliver Franklin Jory b. Jan. 7, 1893 in Dot, Klickitat, WA & d. Jan. 31, 1973 in Marysville, Yuba, CA, buried at Sierra View Cemetery in Marysville, CA  single  http://homepages.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~westklic/jaskcbirth.html

*Henry Allen Jory b. June 26, 1895 in Dot, Klickitat, WA & d. Nov. 6, 1972 in Sacramento, Sacramento, CA, buried at Sacramento. He married to Eva Mary Robbins on Dec. 20, 1919.  Eva was b. Feb. 27.  Henry was in the Navy in WWI.

*Ethel May Jory b. Nov. 9, 1897. in Dot, Klickitat, WA & d. Sept. 25, 1920 in The Dalles, OR, buried in Sunnyside Cemetery in Sunnyside, WA. She             married William Henry Williams on June 7, 1915.  William was b. in 1887 in Denver, CO.

*Edith Viola Jory b. Oct 14, 1899 at Dot, Klickitat, WA & d. June 11, 1973 in Renton, King, WA, buried in Seattle, WA.  She married James Albert Pratt on Nov. 26, 1917 in Yakima, WA.  Bert was b. on May 3.

*Elsie Alice Isobel Jory b. Dec. 6, 1902 in Dot, Klickitat, WA & d. May 19, 1981 in Oakland, Alameda, CA, buried at Mt. Olive Cemetery in Colma, CA. She married Harry Merriman on Jan. 6, 1921 in Marysville, Yuba, CA.  Harry was b. March 15, 1900 in Ross Ohio & d. Sept. 10, 1994 in Yountville, Napa, CA.

*Alvah Walker Jory b. Nov. 17, 1914 in Outlook, Yakima, WA & d. June 14, 1988 in Sutter, CA, buried in Sierra View Cemetery in Marysville, CA. He married Dorothy Virginia Taylor on May 27, 1947. Dorothy was b. Aug. 25, 1922 in Bakersfield, CA.

9. Charles Franklin Jory was b. June 10, 1867 in Marysville, Yuba, California & d. July 5, 1901.  He married Mrs. Beebee.

*August Jory b. 1895 & married in Nov. 1912 to Glen Sterman.

*Annie Jory b. 1897

10. Joseph Jory was b. on January 14, 1868 in Marysville, Yuba, California & died in childhood.

11. George Washington Jory was b. on March 14, 1869 in Marysville, Yuba, California & d. April 30, 1946 in Yuba Co. CA.  He married Olive Leota Booth. Olive was b. Oct. 17, 1880 in Leon, Iowa & d. Aug. 12, 1955 in Wheatland, Yuba, CA.  Her parents were Shannon Booth & Laura Jennings. Descendant, Jauch Jory, says he lived in Klamath Falls for a long time before moving to WA. Had done some work in a blacksmith shop with brother, Steven Jory in several different places in WA. He was later married to Stephen’s wife, Barbara Walker. Some of the family was surprised by the announcement. Later he came back to Marysville, CA. Children of George & Olive:

*Minnie Blanche Jory b. Jan. 5, 1903 in Merrill, OR & d. April 6, 1973 in Wheatland, Yuba, CA. She married  Raymond Lester Muck on Oct. 6, 1921. Raymond was b. March 30, 1903 in Wheatland, Yuba, CA & d. Jan. 31, 1997 in Olivehurst, Yuba, CA.  His parents were George Muck & Amelia Bowser.

*Audrey Jory b. 1900? She was sick a lot.

*Myrtle Jory b. 1901 & d. Sept. 1918 in Wheatland, Yuba, CA.

*Bailey Jory b. ca. 1906

*Martha A. (Millie) Jory b. 1910 in Marysville, Yuba, CA & d. 1963 in Wheatland, Yuba, CA.   She married William Delbert Wilson.  William was b. in 1893 & d. in 1966 in Wheatland, Yuba, CA.

+Virginia May Wilson b. Oct. 18, 1932 in Red Bluff, CA & d. in 1965 in Wheatland, Yuba, CA.

12. Annie May Jory b. November 3, 1871 in Marysville, Yuba, CA & died in childhood Aug. 10, 1878 in Marysville, Yuba, CA.

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