Hugh Stephen Jory (1833-1912)

Father: James Jory Sr.
Mother: Mary Stephens

1830 – June 4, Hugh Stephen’s family arrived in Canada from St. Cleer, Cornwall England & farmed in poor soil. Later they decided to move to St. John, New Brunswick where James Sr. used his skills as a mechanic.

1833 – Hugh Stephen is b. Nov. 28 in St. John, New Brunswick, Canada

1836 – Oct. 25 or 3, Sailed to NY on the Mary Elizabeth because they wanted to cut through the Erie Canal in search of fertile farming land in Northern Canada.

1836 – Nov. 7 left NY.  Changed their minds about Canada & instead headed for Missouri on a ship called the Franklin. Took 6 weeks; 5 days to get to New Orleans.

1836 – Nov. 28, traveled from New Orleans to St. Lewis MO. On a steam boat named the George Collier.

1836 – Dec. 11, they arrived at New Orleans just before Christmas.

1837 – They were shocked that blacks were treated as slaves and decided to move across the river to Pittsfield, Pike County, Illinois in the fall of 1837 & buy a farm of 40 acres part prairie; part timber.

1840 – The family is living at Spring Creek Township, Pike County, Illinois.  The Budds and John Fenn newly married to Mary Jory lived nearby.

1846 – brother, James Jr., married & bought the original farm of 40 acres at or before this time, while James Sr. moved to a farm at Mt. Sterling, Brown Co. about 40 miles away. The Jory’s were doing well financially, however James Jr. was afraid of Malaria which was prevalent in the county.  He talked his entire family to move to Oregon, except Henry.

1847 – In spring they went west on the Oregon Trail. Hugh was 14 yrs old. James Jory Jr. agreed to meet his father & brothers at Independence, but was unable to locate them when he got there. He went on without them & the families reunited at Umatilla.

1847 – They arrived in Oregon City on Dec. 25. They spent the winter there. Next they came up the valley to Mission Bottom where they spent a year or more working and looking for a place to settle. They moved to a farm south of Salem.

1850 – census records show Hugh living in Marion Co., Oregon Territory with his parents; brothers Thomas; William.

1851 – Hugh went to school and stayed at home helping his father until this date. Then he became a carpenter.

1856 – Hugh returns to Illinois.

1857 – Hugh Married Mary May Budd on Jan. 24.  Mary was b. Jan. 17, 1837 in Pike Co., Illinois. She is the daughter of Aaron; Phoebe Budd.  Her two sisters also married into the Jory family.

1858 – Hugh & Mary traveled to Oregon by way of the Isthmus; settled on a farm in the Rosedale district. Hugh invented; patented the fruit dryer.  He had a successful  business selling his dryer; became very prosperous and influential.

1858 – Charles is b. Sept. 15 near Salem, OR.

1859 – A letter mailed to the Jorys in Oregon from James Budd in Illinois asks whether H.S. & Mary Jory “has got safe to Oregon.”

1859 – Oliver is b. on Oct. 8 near Salem, Marion, OR.

1860- They had been living in the Rosedale district, but moved to Salem this winter. They lived on Cottage St. when they first came to Salem.  Salem then was just a village & only five houses were built south of Mill Creek when the Jory house was erected.

1860 – census records show Hugh living in Salem, Santiam Precinct, Marion Co., OR.  He is a carpenter.  Also living there are his wife, C, O, & his parents, James & M Jory. Two others appear to be living there too.

1863 – Oscar is b. on July 28 in Salem, Marion, OR.

1866 – They moved to 967 South Commercial St. Salem, OR; lived there the rest of their lives.

1869 – Alfred is b. on Sept. 9 in Salem, Marion, OR.

1870 – census records show the family living in Salem, South Salem Precinct, Marion Co, OR. Hugh is a wagon maker. Also living there are his wife, Charles, Oliver & Alford.  Phebe Jory, daughter of James Jr Jory; Elizabeth Jory, probably daughter of James Jory Jr., appear to be living next door.

1873 – Ralph is b. on Jan. 24, in Salem, Marion, OR

1880 – census records show Hugh living at South Salem Precinct, Marion, OR.  He is a wagon Maker?  Also living there are his wife, Charles (blacksmith); Oliver (wagon maker).  They have one boarder.

1889 – Oct. 20 – Hugh and Mary went on a trip California to build a house for Charlie, their son.

1900 – census records show Hugh living at South Salem Precinct, Marion, OR. He is a carpenter.  Also living there are his wife; Oliver. The couple had 5 children & 2 survive.

1910 –  Census records show Hugh & Mary living in South Commercial St. 5 children with 2 still living. Hugh is a carpenter.

1912 – Hugh Stephen died Jan. 4 in South Salem, Marion, OR of a stomach illness that had gradually enfeebled him for several months past, & was buried at the Salem, Pioneer Cemetery. He was Justice of the Peace for four years. He and his wife belonged to the Leslie Methodist Church. Also a wagon; carriage maker.

1915 – Mary died on March 18 at the family home from a stroke of paralysis. Buried at the Salem Pioneer Cemetery.

Hugh Jory seems to have traveled the Oregon trail to Oregon.  There are numerous references to him coming to Oregon with his parents at age 14.  He is in the census records of Marion County in 1850 living with his parents & two brothers.  He is not in the census records in Illinois for 1850. There are accounts of him working at home on the farm with his parents.  Then he appears in Pike, Illinois in 1857 marrying Mary Budd.  Illinois Statewide Marriage Index confirms this. Also a letter from Illinois to the Jory family asks if they got to Oregon safely.  I believe that he did come across on the trail & somehow went back to Illinois. (Cindy Allen)


1. Charles Jory b: 15 SEP 1858 in Salem Oregon & d. Nov. 10, 1938 in Lyons, OR. Living with parents in 1880,   Blacksmith living in Stockton CA in 1912. He married to Sarah Evaline Patterson on Nov. 14, 1881.  Sarah was b. in Illinois & d. May 11, 1913 & buried at Lyons, Linn Co., OR. She came to Oregon in 1877. Charles was the owner of the Stockton  Tool Works at Stockton, CA. Home address is 847 East Hazelton Ave., Stockton, CA.

*Charles Turner Jory was born in Salem  ca. 1883& died June 5, 1965 in a             Salem nursing home.  He married Ora Goodrich in San Francisco on Jan. 26 ?. Ora was b. ca. 1885 died in March 15, 1966. She was a native of Yamhill, OR & lived in Salem, OR all of her married life accept 20 years in Stockton, CA. Both buried at City View Cemetery in Salem, OR.  Charles lived many years in Stockton, CA where he, his father and brother operated a machine and blacksmith ship. At the time of Charles death, his address was 734 Cottage St. NE Salem, OR.

+Melva Belle Jory who married Wayne Doughton

*William Stephen (Bill) Jory – Living in Stockton CA in 1935.  Married to Frankie Jory.  William died Dec. 13,1942.


2. Oliver Jory b: 8 OCT 1859 near Salem, Marion Co., Oregon on a farm  & d. Nov. 26, 1935 in Salem, OR. Married to Ella May Hodson.  They dated for 18 years before getting married.  She was b. Feb. 23, 1861 in Empire City, Coos Co., OR & d. Sept. 3, 1919 in Marshfield, Coos Co., OR. Both are buried at the Salem Pioneer Cemetery. Ella’s parents were Dr. Jonathan Hodson, a pioneer of Coos Co, OR & Louisa Ross. Her father was the first physician at Coos Bay, OR.


He is living with parents in 1880 in south Salem, wagon maker. In 1910 census He is living in Salem with wife Ella M. and child, Lewis H.  He is a mechanic/woodworker. In 1912 Oliver runs the fruit dryer business with his father. He worked in a vehicle shop operated by his father until the time he took over the business. They attended the Leslie Methodist Church. Second he married Mrs. Phoebe A. Kemp of Brainard, Minn on Dec. 25, 1923.

*Lewis Hodson Jory b. March 12, 1902 in Salem, OR at 209 Bush St. & d. April 10, 1990 at a nursing home in Keizer, OR. Buried at Twin Oaks Mausoleum in Albany, OR. First married Zelda Utterbach. His father disapproved of the marriage and didn’t go to the wedding.  He was raised in Salem & farmed in the area until he fought in WWII.  In 1944 he moved to Albany & worked at NW Fabricators, Linnco Electric & Bureau of Mines.  He was a member of Albany First Christian Church. Divorced. Children of Lewis & Zelda:

Second Lewis married Pearl Osterman on July 29, 1944.

Third he married Gertruth P. Kihs on April 3, 1988.  She was b. March 6, 1917 in Holyoke CO & d. July 1, 1996 in Keizer, OR. Buried at City View Cemetery in Salem, OR.

*infant twin sons d. at Coos River, OR on Oct. 31, 1903. Alton & Allen.

3. Oscar Jory b: 28 JUL 1863 in Salem, Marion Co., Oregon & d. Aug. 2, 1863. Buried at the Salem Pioneer Cemetery.

4. Alford Jory b: 9 SEP 1869 in Salem, Marion Co., Oregon  & drowned in the Willamette River on June 19, 1879. Buried in the Salem Pioneer Cemetery.

5. Ralph Jory b: 24 JAN 1873 in Salem, Marion Co., Oregon & drowned in the Willamette River June 19, 1879. Buried in the Salem Pioneer Cemetery.

DROWNED  About 5:00 yesterday morning the deep tones of the fire bell brought many of our citizens out on the streets at perhaps an earlier hour than they otherwise would have appeared…..Thursday afternoon about 3:00 pm two of H.S. Jory’s little boys, Alford and Ralph, aged respectively ten and five years strayed away from home and proceeded down the road towards the covered bridge.  No particular notice was paid to them and they were not missed until the evening meal.  Upon not appearing at that time fears began to arise of their being lost and search was immediately commenced.  Many of the citizens joined in hunting the little wanderers, but they were no where to be found.  The last that could be heard of them was that they were playing around the large wheel in the street opposite the Flouring Mill, about 6:30 in the evening.  This led some to think of the river and hastening that way, ‘twas but a few moments until their hats were found, and immediately under them in about nine feet of water, the bodies were found, lying about five feet apart.

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