John Hicks Jory (1815-1899)

Father: James Jory Sr.
Mother: Mary Stephens

1815 – John Hicks was b. July 7 in St. Cleer Parish, Cornwall, England

1830 – April 3, left England on an old lumber ship named the Restitution with his family & took 8 weeks & 5 days to get to St. Johns, New Brunswick, Canada.

1830 – June 4, arrived in Canada & farmed in poor soil. Later they decided to move to St. John, New Brunswick where James Sr. used his skills as a mechanic.  John & James Jr. cut timber.

1836 – Oct. 25 or 31, Sailed to NY on the Mary Elizabeth because they wanted to cut through the Erie Canal in search of fertile farming land in Northern Canada.

1836 – Nov. 7 left NY.  Changed their minds about Canada & instead headed for Missouri on a ship called the Franklin. Took 6 weeks & 5 days to get to New Orleans.

1836 – Nov. 28, traveled from New Orleans to St. Lewis MO. On a steam boat named the George Collier.

1836 – Dec. 11, they arrived at New Orleans just before Christmas.  Worked on the farm of a leading citizen, Colonel John O’Fallon.

1837  – They were shocked that blacks were treated as slaves and decided to move across the river to Pittsfield, Pike County, Illinois in the fall of 1837 & buy a farm of 40 acres part prairie & part timber.

1840 – The family is living at Spring Creek Township, Pike County, Illinois.  The Budds and John Fenn newly married to Mary Jory lived nearby.

1846 – married Caroline Budd on Jan. 1, 1846 in Pike Co., Illinois.  Caroline was b. in Duchess County, New York, on February 15, 1820.  She was one of three sisters marrying into the family. Her parents were Aaron & Phoebe Ogden Budd.  The couple went to the Methodist Church.

1846 – ca. James W. is born in Pike, Illinois

1846 – brother, James Jr., married & bought the original farm of 40 acres at or before this time, while James Sr. moved to a farm in Mt. Sterling, Brown Co. about 40 miles away. The Jory’s were doing well financially, however James Jr. was afraid of Malaria which was prevalent in the county.  He talked his entire family to move to Oregon, except Henry.

1847 – In the spring they traveled the Oregon Trail. James Jory Jr. agreed to meet his father & brothers at Independence, but was unable to locate them when he got there.  He went on without them & the families reunited at Umatilla.

1847 – They arrived in Oregon City in Dec. 25. They spent the winter there. Next they came up the valley to Mission Bottom where they spent a year or more working and looking for a place to settle finally staking a claim south of Salem.

1848 – Daniel Henry is born in May in Marion Co., OR.

1849 – ca. Mary A is born in Marion Co., OR

1850 – Feb. 10, John Hicks – land claim settled. 640 acres

1850 – census records show John with wife, James W, Daniel H. & Mary A. farming in Marion Co., Oregon Territory.

1851 – Emma E. is b. on Feb. 4 in Marion Co., OR.

1852 – ca. Thomas Stephen  is b. in Marion Co., OR

1854 – John C. is born on Nov. 28 in Marion Co., Salem, OR

1855 – Hugh F. is b. in Aug in Marion Co., Salem, OR on the donation land claim.

1857 – Sarah Jane  is b. on August 2, in Marion, Salem, OR

1859 – Phebe E.  was b. March 21 or (2nd) in Marion Co., Salem, OR

1860 – census records at Santiam Precinct, Marion Co, OR. Santiam City show John & family.  He is farming.  Also living there are his wife, James, Daniel, Mary,

Emma, Thomas, John, Hugh, Sarah, & Phebe.

1861 – Isaac N. is b. on Feb. 24 in Marion, Salem, OR.

1880 – census records show John living in South Salem Precinct, Marion, OR.  He is a farmer.  Also living there are his wife, & Hugh.  His son, Thomas, is living next door with his wife and daughter, Bertha.

1884 – John Sr. begins to have kidney trouble & suffers from it the rest of his life.

1899 – June 14, John died of old age at the home of his son, H. F. Jory in Salem. He was 84. Buried at the Jory Cemetery near Rosedale.

1900 –  Caroline is living in Wolf Creek, Josephine, OR. With Saphronia Jory who states that Caroline is her mother-in-law.

1904 – Caroline d. on April 5 at the home of her son, H.F. Jory, on East Court street, Salem, Oregon. Buried at the Jory Cemetery near Rosedale.

1. James W. Jory was b. ca. 1846 in Pike, Illinois & d. Nov. 17, 1910 at the Soldiers Home in Roseburg, OR.  He fought in the Civil War and in the Rogue River Indian War in Oregon.  He was living in Salem in 1899. 1902 James is living in Corvallis. Living in Pratum, Marion Co., OR in 1904.  At the time of his death he was living on Mill Street in Roseburg, and was married.  He is also listed in the Biographical and Military History of Patients, Roseburg Soldiers Home 1894-1933 Vol. 2, Pg. 712 in the State Library. On July 1, 1902 a James Jory purchased farm land near Corvallis. (not sure which James it is.) S2 of SW 4 S28 T11 R7 and he sold it in 1904.

I think this is the James Jory that married Lucy Maupin on May 28, 1902 in Benton, Corvallis, OR.  They were both from Blodgett, OR. Lucy Jane Maupin b. Dec. 12, 1882 in Oregon. Found in the 1910 census records in her mother & step-father’s household. Blodgett, Benton Co., OR. Listed as Lucy Jory married 7 years.  Father Linsey Maupin.  Mother Lizzie Canaday b. March  31, 1866 in Oregon & died April 16, 1916 in  Philomath, OR.

Lucy married TE or K Edmonson before her divorce to JW Jory was final. Divorce found at Oregon Archives. She was arrested for bigamy.  Her mother was about the same. James Jory died before 1910 and was older than Lucy.

Lucy married again to A.V. Baldwin on Dec. 1, 1910 in Multnomah, Portland, OR.

Lucy married a 3rd time to Hichgo Ushida  Nov. 17, 1919 in King County, WA

Her mother had the following husbands:  Linsey Maupin, Harmon Buffum, Issac Norton.  She married Issac about 1842 in Missouri.

Lucy has a half brother: Ham Madison Buffum.

Ancestry blog:

I find a newspaper article from June 21, 1923, Seattle Daily Times:
Deserted By Wife, Ends Life With Pistol

Believed by the police to have shot himself because his wife had deserted him recently, Hichigo Ushida, a porter, was found dead in bed this afternoon in a three-room house at 2716 Elliott Ave. by A. W. Knollmeyer, a mail carrier, and H. L. Hallgren of the Federal Electric Company. Ushida left a note in Japanese which the coroner has not had translated.

The mail carrier said that he noticed mail piling up at the door of the place and today asked Hallgren to help him investigate. The men found Ushida’s body, a pistol lying on a bed nearby. There was evidence that the man also had attempted to take his life by asphyxiation before he shot himself.

2. Daniel Henry Jory was b. in May of 1848 in Marion Co., OR & d. after 1900 & before 1904. Daniel Henry served with the Union Army during the Civil War.

– The 1880 census records show him living in South Salem Precinct, Marion, OR.  He is a farmer & his wife is S. Jory born in Ohio.  Her parents are b. in Mich.

-Living in Grants Pass, OR in 1899.

-1900 census puts him in Wolf Creek, Josephine, OR as a boarder.  He is mining gold. He has been married 22 years.

-In the 1900 census his mother, Caroline, is living with Saphronia Jory at Wolf Creek, Josephine, OR. This Saphronia is b. in 1850 in Illinois. (Oregon death index indicates that a Sophrona H. Jory died on Oct. 8, 1925 in Clackamas Co., OR.)  Her parents are b. in Ohio. She says her mother in law is Caroline Jory.

-1902, May 14, Daniel & Sophronia Jory purchased ¾ acre S35 T11 R5 in Benton Co. It is farm land near Corvallis. They sold it in June 23, 1902.

-Saphronia Laskey is the daughter of Oliver John Laskey & Olive Elizabeth Clark.  She is the sister of Joseph Laskey who married Emma Jory below.  They have a step-sister named Surbrina Laskey Burbank-Paige-Craven who is buried at the Kings Valley Cemetery under a very large bush or tree, next to her daughter and her husband, Alice and William Wellman.  She is the daughter of Oliver Laskey and a previous wife.

Daniel died at Grants Pass on Aug. 27, 1902 at the age of 53. About 1900 Daniel purchased a farm in Blodgett Valley where he resided until about a month before his death. He went to Grants Pass for health benefits, but died of heart disease soon after he got there. Member of the Christian Church.

3. Mary A. Jory was b. ca. 1849 in Marion Co., OR.  She m. Holmes & was living in San Francisco, CA in 1899, 1902 & 1904.

4. Emma E. Jory was b. Feb. 4, 1851 in Marion Co., OR & d. Jan 19, 1937 at the Oregon State Hospital in Salem and was removed to the Keeney Funeral Home in Corvallis for burial.  She m. Joseph Clark Laskey on July 5, 1868 in Clark, WA.  She was living in Benton Co., OR in 1899. Living in Bloggett in Benton Co., in 1904.  Joseph was b. July 16, 1837 in Morgan Twp, Ashtabula, OH & died before 1924.  His probate was done in Benton County, though he died and was buried at Acme, Point Terrace, Lane County, OR. His parents were Oliver John Laskey & Olive Elizabeth Clark. In the 1870 census records Joseph is a rail-splitter. The Laskeys were loggers and millworkers.

Second Emma married George LaRose on 22 Feb. 1924 in Benton County where she had homesteaded a place at Blodgett with her sons before 1900. You’ll find her there on the censuses of 1900 through 1930 which means that George could have passed away before 1930.  I suspect she was the caretaker of the clan, as many marriages took place at her home in Polk County before moving to Benton County. – Carolyn

*John Oliver LASKEY b: 5 Apr 1870 in Independence, Polk, OR & d. 24 May 1926 in Portland, Multnomah, OR. Buried May 1926 at Multnomah Cemetery, Portland, Multnomah, OR.  He married Mary Angeline Guier on April 7, 1890 in Devitt (Blodgett) Benton, OR.  Mary was b. Dec. 1876 in Corvallis, Benton, OR & d. in 1964.  Mary’s parents were Thomas Henry Guier & Mary Ann Emiline “Molly” Mulkey.

*Thomas Marion LASKEY b: 22 Feb 1872 in Independence, Polk, OR  & d. 6 Sep 1940 in North Bend, Coos, OR . Buried 9 Sep1940 at Sunset Memorial Park, Coos Bay, Coos, OR.  Worked in a box factory.

*Alvin A LASKEY b: Oct1874 in Independence, Polk, OR & d. before 1905.

*Edwin Edward LASKEY b: Mar 1877 in Independence, Polk, OR & d.  8 Aug 1933 in, Marion, OR. Buried Aug 1933 at Blodgett Cemetery, Blodgett, Benton, OR

*Cloid LeRoy LASKEY b: 10 Sep 1882 in Independence, Polk, OR & d. 19 May 1935 in Blodgett, Benton, OR.  Buried May1935 at Blodgett Cemetery, Blodgett, Benton, OR. single

*Henry Herbert LASKEY b: Mar 1885 in Independence, Polk, OR & d. 8 Sep 1936 in, Coos, OR. Buried  Sep 1936 at Sunset Memorial Park, Coos Bay, Coos, OR.

*Harold Ode LASKEY b: 19 May 1891 in Independence, Polk, OR & d. 9 Feb 1980 in North Bend, Coos, OR. Buried Feb 1980 at Sunset Memorial Park, Coos Bay, Coos, OR

*Violet Nelly LASKEY b: 1893 in Blodgett, Benton, OR & d. abt 1896 in Blodgett, Benton, OR

5. Thomas Stephen Jory was b. ca. 1852 in Marion Co., OR & d. March 15, 1882. He married Phoebe Lorenda “Lenna” Crooks on May 28, 1877.  Phoebe was b. March 1858 & d. March 1936. In 1880 census records show them living next door to John Hicks Jory.

*Bertha Agnes Jory b: 15 JAN 1879 & married Roy E. Darby ca. 1897.  Roy was b. ca. 1884

6. John C Jory was b. Nov. 28, 1854 in Marion Co., Salem, OR & d. July 24, 1878 of consumption in Salem, OR.  Buried in the Jory Cemetery near Rosedale.  25 yrs. old. Single.

7. Hugh(ey) Franklin Jory was b. in Aug. 1855 in Marion Co., OR & dJan. 20, 1937 at the residence of 2048 Court St. Salem, OR (his cousin Lewis H. Jory’s house).  Buried at Lee Mission Cemetery in Salem, OR.  He was living in Salem in 1899 & East Court street, Salem, Oregon in 1904. He married Emma Grace Jory in 1894. 1900 census shows him to be living in Prospect Precinct, Marion, OR with his wife. He is a day laborer.  Hugh is a florist. No children.

Emma was b. Sept 29, 1853 in Norway & d. May 31, 1930 & buried at Lee Mission Cemetery in Salem.  Her parents were from Norway, too.  She came to the USA ca. 1872 & first married Erik Anderson.  Erik was b. in Dec. 24, 1849 in Norway & died in Oct. 10, 1892 & is buried in the Lee Mission Cemetery. He came to America at the age of 13 & his parents are living in Iowa at the time of his death. After Erik died Emma married Hugh.

*adopted daughter Hilda M. Jory b. in Oregon is daughter of Emma Grace Jory & Erik Anderson.

8. Sara Jane Jory was b. on Nov. 19, 1858 in Marion, Salem, OR & d. April 16, 1876 at age 19 of consumption.  Buried in the Jory Cemetery near Rosedale.

Shed not for her the bitter tears
Nor give the heart to vain regret
Tis just the casket that lies here
The gem that filled it sparkles yet

9. Phebe E. Jory was b. March 21 or 2, 1859 in Marion, Salem, OR & d. June 14, 1883 in Marion, Salem, Oregon at age 24. Buried at Jory Cemetery near Rosedale, OR.

Gone on across the river
& landed on the other shore
Joined the …..
Gone from….
..of flowers of love immortal
In that far off…land

10. Isaac N. Jory was b. Feb. 24, 1861 in Marion, Salem, OR & d. Dec. 15, 1880 in Marion, Salem, OR.  He was buried in the Jory Cemetery near Rosedale.  He was 19 yrs old.

Gone to land of pure delight
Where saints immortal reign
The eternal day excludes the night
And dreams banish pain

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