New Executive Board!

The Jory Family and Friends Association Board of Directors is pleased to announce Officers elected to the Executive Board:

Michelle Jory: President (CEO)
Cindy Allen: Treasurer (CFO)
Darcy Walker: Secretary

To contact The Board of Directors write to:

1 thought on “New Executive Board!

  1. I was pleased to see a list of the Executive Board on our web site. I think listing the current members of the Board of Directors would be appropriate as well to keep our Association members fully informed as to who our Assocation Board members are.

    We have came a long way in restoring and maintaining the Cemetery in the recent past after many years of neglect. Lets hope we can continue the current mometum in the future.

    I plan to continue maintenance of the Cemetery park benches as I indicated previously. I will install another new bench soon and continue work to restore the existing benches that need refurbishment as time permits.

    Regards, Jack D Jory

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