Thomas Jory (1826-1912)

Father: James Jory Sr.
Mother: Mary Stephens

1826 – Thomas is b. Jan. 20 in St. Cleer Parish, Cornwall, England.  He was 5’8,” 167 pounds, and light complexion at age 66.

1830 – April 3, left England on an old lumber ship named the Restitution with his family & took 8 weeks & 5 days to get to St. Johns, New Brunswick, Canada.

1830 – June 4, arrived in Canada & farmed in poor soil. Later they decided to move to St. John, New Brunswick where James Sr. used his skills as a mechanic.

1836 – Oct. 25 or 31, Sailed to NY on the Mary Elizabeth because they wanted to cut through the Erie Canal in search of fertile farming land in Northern Canada.

1836 – Nov. 7 left NY.  Changed their minds about Canada & instead headed for Missouri on a ship called the Franklin. Took 6 weeks & 5 days to get to New Orleans.

1836 – Nov. 28, traveled from New Orleans to St. Lewis MO. On a steam boat named the George Collier.

1836 – Dec. 11, they arrived at New Orleans just before Christmas.

1837  – They were shocked that blacks were treated as slaves and decided to move across the river to Pittsfield, Pike County, Illinois in the fall of 1837 & buy a farm of 40 acres part prairie & part timber.

1840 – The family is living at Spring Creek Township, Pike County, Illinois.  The Budds and John Fenn newly married to Mary Jory lived nearby.

1846 – brother, James Jr., married & bought the original farm of 40 acres at or before this time, while James Sr. moved to a farm at Mt. Sterling, Brown Co. about 40 miles away. The Jory’s were doing well financially, however James Jr. was afraid of Malaria which was prevalent in the county.  He talked his entire family to move to Oregon, except Henry.

1847 – In spring they went west on the Oregon Trail. James Jory Jr. agreed to meet his father & brothers at Independence, but was unable to locate them when he got there.  He went on without them & the families reunited at Umatilla.

1847 – They arrived in Oregon City on Dec. 25. They spent the winter there. Next they came up the valley to Mission Bottom where they spent a year or more working and looking for a place to settle.  Thomas moved to a farm South of Salem with his parents.

1849 – census of Champoeg Co. in March lists Thomas as male over 21.

1849 – Traveled to California to mine gold for one winter. (6 months) Also on the trip were John Fenn, James Jr. & William Jory. (See William Jory).

1851 – Thomas filed a Declaration of Intent to be naturalized in the District Court of Marion County, Territory of Oregon, April 8.[i]  (Prior to 1863, most aliens did not seek to be naturalized – they assumed the Declaration of Intent was sufficient[ii].)

1852 – June 28, Thomas settled a 320 acre farm south of Salem.

1854 – Thomas filed for a donation land claim.

1857 – Thomas married Mary Catherine Leabo on Feb. 8 in Salem, OR. The couple went to the Catholic Church. Mary was b. in Indiana on Sept. 10, 1838 & crossed the plains to Oregon with her parents in 1852.  At age 54 she was 5’ 5”, 200 pounds, and dark complexion. Her mother died enroute and was buried near the Platte River at Sweetwater. Mary being the oldest of seven children had the responsibility of caring for the family.  Her parents were John Leabo and Nancy Ellison. Nancy was b. in Indiana.

1858 – George Washington is b. on Jan. 28 in Marion Co., OR on the donation land claim of his parents near Rosedale.

1859 – Melissa C. is b. on Oct. 15 in Salem, Marion, OR.

1860 – census records show Thomas Jory with wife, GW & MC living in Salem, Santiam Precinct, Marion Co., OR.  A family of Leabos are living next door.

1861 – Clarence C. is b. Oct. 3 in Marion, OR on the donation land claim of his parents near Rosedale.

1863 – Nancy Sophia is b. on April 17 in Marion, OR.

1866 – Laura Dell is b. on Nov. 16 in Marion, OR.

1868 – Ulysses Bliss is b. on July 9 in Salem Marion, OR.

1869 – Thomas’ Donation Land Grant Patent is published on April 30 & delivered to him by mail on July 8, 1875.

1870 – Olivia Blanche is b. on Feb. 13 in Marion, OR.

1875 – Herbert Earl is b. on May 12 in Marion, OR.

1878 – July 15 a TS Jory purchased 16.5 acres of farm land near Corvallis. T10 R3 and sold it on the same day.

1880 – census records show Thomas living at South Salem Precinct, Marion, OR.  He is a farmer.  Others living there are his wife, George, Clarence, Nancy, L D, Olivia, Herbert.  Also a boarder, James Coffey is living there.  He is 21 & attending school.

1881 – Jessie Alberta is b. Feb. 20 in Salem, Marion, OR

1889 –  In the 1880’s Thomas and Mary Jory were active and able to travel.  In 1889, the local paper reported: “Thomas Jory and wife, of the Red Hills south of the city, will start next Tuesday by way of the Northern Pacific for a visit of a month or six weeks with relatives in Belgrade, Montana.”

1895 – census records of Marion Co. show Thomas living with his wife, Blanch, Earl, E & R.

1900 – Census records show Thomas living at Yew Park Precinct, Marion, OR. Also living there are his wife & Jessie.

1902 – about this time Thomas moves into the city of Salem.

1910 – April 21 census records show the Thomas &  Mary living in South Salem, immediately adjacent to their daughter, Laura Dell, her husband Hiram Page, and their four sons.  9 children with 5 still living.

1912 – Thomas dies at 1:30 am on Oct. 7 in Salem, OR at home & is buried at the Salem Pioneer Cemetery. A very large gathering was at the funeral.

1926 – Mary dies on June 14 in Salem & buried at the Salem Pioneer Cemetery. She was living at her home at 874 South Commercial St. Salem, OR when she passed away. (Her great grandson, Richard Page, was born on the same day.)

Her granddaughter, Florence Jory (Baer) says that Mary was a very self sufficient woman.  One time she chased off some Indians who were on her property. When Mary was older her sons moved in with her to help her, but she ended up caring for them. Florence thought Mary was really congenial and generous also.  She remembers that her grandmother had a cranberry colored glass bowl filled with sticks of candy.  Mary gave Florence a child’s chair and made her a dress which she kept for a long time.

1. George Washington JORY b: 28 Jan 1858 near Rosedale, Marion, Oregon on the donation land claim of his parents & d. May 9, 1940 at a local hospital in Salem, OR.  Buried at the Salem Pioneer Cemetery. First marriage was to a widow, Mary A. Robertson  Hollingsworth, on July 4, 1880.  Mary was b. in 1852 & d. June 1902, buried at Salem Pioneer Cemetery.  She was taking care of a son belonging to her sister & George adopted him.

Second marriage was to widow, Sarah Jane Crockett Lafore, on Oct. 27, 1903. Sarah was b. Dec. 27, 1861 in Dalles, OR & d. March 31, 1920 following an operation, buried at the Mausoleum at City View Cemetery in Salem, OR.  She had an appendicitis attack.  She was raising a grandchild, Louis, whom George adopted after she died.

Third marriage was to widow, Sarah A.Thomas Dencer Burley, on June 25, 1921. Sarah #2 was b. in Boxelder, Utah in 1857 & d. Sept. 8, 1927 in Salem OR, buried at Salem Pioneer Cemetery near Jacob Dencer her first husband. Her parents are John & Elizabeth Thomas.  Her mother was b. in Wales.  She had 10 children by her first husband.

George was a grain farmer at 2380 W. Knob Hill St. Salem, OR.  He lived at the west  end of Jory Hill Rd on Ruggles Rd.  He developed cancer in his later years and had to sell off part of his farm to pay for treatments.  He was living on part of the original land claim. His granddaughter said that he had a wonderful personality.

Beverlee also said that he had lots of equipment in his barn for use on the farm.  He had a large amount of blacksmith tools.  She remembers a large tub that was filled with scalding water.  George would kill a hog and drop into the tub to remove the hairs on it’s hide.

*Frankie H. Hesemen Jory – adopted, born ca. 1883 & d. Oct. 16, 1956, buried at Twin Oaks Cemetery in Turner. Married to Flora B. Flora was b. ca. 1884 in Valley Springs, S.D. & d. Sept. 5, 1971 in Salem, buried at Salem Pioneer Cemetery.  She came to Salem at the age of seven.  She lived in the area the rest of her life.  Divorced. Frankie was living at 1280 N. 4th St. Salem, OR at time of death. Flora was living at 1640 Church St. NE Salem, OR in a nursing home at time of death. Frankie lived with another woman after divorcing wife.

+Dale Winfield Jory was b. May 24, 1907 in Salem & d. May 17, 1989 in Salem, OR. Dale was buried in Willamette National Cemetery in Portland. Married to Elsie Mae Reynolds in 1935 in Salem.  Elsie was b. March 8, 1909 in Grimes, Oklahoma & d. May 8, 1988 in Salem, OR, private internment. (Buried in Willamette National?) She came to Salem in 1930.  She graduated from HS in Halsey. Elsie was a graduate of WOSC in Monmouth.  She taught in Grant School in Salem. She belonged to Willamette Valley Genealogical Society. Dale living in Salem in 1956 & 1971.  He was a Post Office employee.  WWII Army Air Force.  Couple belonged to Capitol 8’s Square Dance Club. Dale liked to Travel. Xanphe F. Jory of NY City in 1989. Died before 1988.

*Louis Logan Lafore Jory – adopted. He was b. on July 7, 1910 & d. Nov. 29, 1976  in Salem.  Buried at Valley View Cemetery in Silverton with Florence. He married Florence Isabelle Hoyt on Dec. 31, 1928 in Silverton, OR. Florence was b. Aug. 15, 1910 in Dorena, OR & d. September 26, 1983 of a heart attack in Silverton, OR.

+ Jerry Louis Jory is born on February 18, 1938 & d. Aug. 11, 1970.

2. Melissa C. JORY b: Oct. 15, 1859 in Salem, Marion, Oregon & d. May 15, 1877 of typhoid fever.  Buried at Salem Pioneer Cemetery. She was single & a student.

3. Clarence C. JORY b: Oct. 3, 1861 near Rosedale, Marion, Oregon on the donation land claim of his parents & d. June 20 1937.  Both he and his wife are buried in the City View Cemetery.  He m. Susanna F. Dencer in Sept. 1891. Susanna was b. Sept. 8, 1870 in Minnesota & d. May 30, 1920.  Her parents were Valentine Dencer & Catherine Huff also early pioneers to Oregon. They were born in Germany. Gladys Jory said that Susanna was very nice. – 1900 census shows him to be living in Precinct 9, Blodgett, Benton Co., OR.  Others living there are his wife, Susie S, Elmo C., Gladys G, & Rolland C.  Clarence is farming. Fred Dencer, cousin, is also living there. They have been married 8 years & have 3 children & 3 surviving. Elmo C. b. Jan 1893 in OR.  Gladys G b. Feb. 1894 in OR. Rolland C. b. April 1896 in OR.  Cousin Fred is b. in Ohio. – Clarence lived in South Salem his entire life. Member of the Elks. On Nov. 4, 1898 Clarence purchased 120 acres of farm land near Corvallis. S20 T11 R7 and sold it in 1904.

* Elmo C. Jory  b. Jan. 17, 1893 in OR & d. October 1, 1963 of a heart attack & was buried at the City View Cemetery in Salem, OR.  Living in Portland in 1926. In 1917 Elmo attended Oregon Agricultural College in Corvallis, OR. He lived in a tent year round, cooked his own meals and studied in a crowded library where seats were at a premium.  He was in the school of pharmacy.  His monthly living expenses were about $7.50.  He graduated on June 3, 1918 in Pharmacy & worked in that profession for a number of years. The last 6 years of his life were spent on a timber ranch near Otis.  He spent much time reading his bible in Otis.

* Gladys Dorena Jory b. Feb. 16, 1894 in Salem, OR & d. March 27, 1982Living in Portland in 1926.  She was married to Roy Slater Farrand on August 7, 1927.  Roy was b. in Essex Junction, Vermont & d. July 21, 1982.  He was in the chicken raising business. He had his leg amputated ca. 1964. Gladys grew up in the Liberty district of south of Salem and after graduating from Oregon Normal School in Monmouth, Oregon in 1923, taught school in various Oregon schools, however, most of her years teaching the primary grades were at Salem Heights School. They lived at 472 Liberty Road, across the road from the Liberty School.  They were highly respected in the community & both thoughtful and caring people.  Members of United Englewood Methodist Church. No children.

* Roland Clarence Jory b. April 18, 1896 in OR on the donation land claim of his grandfather & d. Dec. 28, 1956 of a heart attack, buried at Belcrest Memorial Park in Salem.  Living in Salem in 1926.  His home in 1956 was 4145 Gardener Rd. Salem, OR.  He lived in Salem his whole life and was the owner of Jory Packing Co., 995 N. Front St. and former manager of United Growers, Inc, at Liberty.  He had founded the Liberty plant as the original Jory Packing Co. and played a leading role in organization of United Growers.  He married Mrs. Ethel Maude (Greer) Gordenier in Salem on December 11, 1948.

+Ethel’s grandson Steve Gordenier reports that she was married previously to a Fred E. Gordenier in St. Paul, MN. and they had one son Douglas who now lives in Portland OR and turned age 92 this past May. Steve tells us also that Rolland was previously married but has no information on her at this time. (see guestbook entry 9 June 2014)

4. Nancy Sophia JORY (Nannie S.) b: April 17, 1863 in Salem, Marion, Oregon & d. January 4, 1893 of cancer at her parents house in Salem, OR, buried at Salem Pioneer Cemetery.  She married John I. Thomas on Nov. 9, 1884 at the home of Thomas Jory. He was b. ca. 1863. in Utah.  His parents were John J. & Elizabeth Thomas who were born in Wales.  In 1800 he is living with his parents next door to Thomas Jory.  Nancy was Methodist & beloved by all who knew her. No children.

5. Laura Dell JORY b: Nov. 16, 1866 in Salem, Marion, Oregon & d. Feb. 21, 1958 in Salem, OR.  She married Hiram Richard Page on Oct. 14, 1888 in Salem, OR.  Hiram was b. May 8, 1859 in Mercer City, PA & d. May 29, 1944 in Salem, OR.  Hiram’s parents were John McNair Page & Mathida Wentz. Living in Salem in 1926 & 1940.

*Leo G. Page b. in Salem on Aug. 10, 1889 & d. Jan. 21, 1975. Married to Jessie   Keaton.

+Malcolm Page died before 2009

*Walter Page (nickname Brick for red hair) b. 1891 in Salem & d. in Seattle WA in May 12, 1974. Married to Gladys E. Martin.

+Robert Page died before 2009

Jory Page overdosed in WA ca 1990’s.

*Everil Maxwell Page b. in Salem on April 23, 1893 in Salem, OR on the donation land claim of his grandfather& d. in Salem March 15, 1959 in Salem, OR. Married to May Day Tate of Portland on Dec. 31, 1922. He was Justice of the Supreme Court & a native of the Liberty District south of Salem.  He lived at 712 High St. SE at the time of his death. Lived in Marion County his whole life. He was a graduate of Willamette University Law School and in 1914 became a member of the Oregon Bar at the age of 21.  He taught law at the same college from 1920 to 1945.   He became a circuit judge in 1941. & advanced to the State Supreme Court in 1949 & continued in that position for 1 year. In WW I he was on active duty with the Coast Artillery.  He was active with many other clubs.

*Lyle James Page (nicknamed Barney) b. in Salem Jan. 15, 1896 in Salem, OR & d. Sept. 30, 1976 at Supulveda, CA.  Married Pauline Eyerly in Salem in 1933.

6. Ulysses Bliss JORY b: 9 Jul 1868 in Salem, Marion, Oregon & d. at home March 26, 1876 of typhoid fever in Salem, Marion, OR. Buried at Salem Pioneer Cemetery.

7. Olivia Blanche JORY b: Feb. 13, 1870 in Salem, Marion, Oregon & d. May 24, 1931.  She married Dr. Ora B. Miles on October 9, 1897. Living in Salem in 1926.

8. Earl Herbert Jory b: May 12, 1875 Marion Co, Oregon on his parents donation land claim & d. Dec. 4, 1964 & buried at Belcrest Memorial Park.  He married Blanche Smith on January 1, 1899.  She d. in 1905 & was buried at City View Cemetery in Salem.  They had one daughter (Lois). – in 1900 census living in South Salem Precinct, Marion, OR with wife, Blanche I Smith.  Blanche is b. July 1875 in Kansas.  Her parents were b. in Ohio.  On January 5, 1910 Earl married a second time to Mary Miranda France.  Mary was b. May 5, 1876 & d. May 7, 1950. Buried at Belcrest Memorial Park in Salem, OR. They had 3 children.  The third wife was Mayme F. Jory who survived him. She d. Dec. 28, 1967 in a Silverton nursing home & was buried at Belle Passi Cemetery in Woodburn, OR. Mayme came to Salem from CA in 1946. He is living in Independence in 1926 & Salem in 1940.  Earl H. Jory is a retired Salem farmer and living at 2059 Center St. NE Salem, OR at the time of his death.

*Lois Alberta Jory b. 1903 & d. ca. 1920.

*Eldon Earl Jory b. March 1, 1911.  Living in Salem in 1926 & Highgrove CA in 1964.  Married March 16, 1935 to Esther Mae Haight in San Diego CA.

9. Jessie Alberta JORYb: Feb. 20, 1881 in Salem, Marion, Oregon & d. Aug. 17, 1902. Buried at the Salem Pioneer Cemetery.

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